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Get 18 dope instrumental beats that come pre-looped to power your scratch practice & keep you inspired for hours. 

Why settle for typical boring loopers when you could be rockin' your cuts to Bionic Beats with a variety of rhythms and tempos featuring entertaining 8-32 bar progressions. 

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“If you practice scratching with Shortee, you’re gonna get so much better!

Shortee breaks things down so clearly & she makes even the most difficult scratches really easy for me to understand and practice.  

I’ve learned a wide variety of new scratch techniques and I’m much more confident & creative on the decks thanks to her lessons & drills."


“Shortee’s lessons & drills have made me a MUCH better scratch DJ!

Before her lessons I wasn’t doing much more than a baby scratch in my DJ sets. Now I can add scratching during my club gigs, private events and weddings, regardless of the genre I’m playing. My clients are really impressed when I scratch and it raises my value as a DJ. 

Shortee’s scratch practice drills are INCREDIBLE for building your skills. They make everything I do deliberate & intentional and I feel like I’m making the most of my time. All I have to do is focus on keeping up with her practice drills and then before I know it I’m like “WOW – my cuts are flawless! 

It’s also so nice to have Shortee’s videos to guide you through your practice and eliminate the decision fatigue of having to figure out what you’re gonna work on that day. You can throw on any of Shortee’s practice drill videos and you’re off and running. 

Shortee’s truly changed how I practice now and I’ve seen my scratch skills explode!”

@BabyVanBeezly |

“Shortee’s scratch lessons and practice drills are the building blocks I needed to get where I wanted to go. 

When I practice with her drills I can easily see improvement right away. I’m more fluid overall and have better fundamentals like record control and sharpness. 

Plus, I’m getting better at scratching with my non-dominant hand, which is something I’ve always been pretty poor at. 

I honestly didn’t think I’d come as far as I have. My scratch skills are way better than they’ve ever been and still getting better all the time!”


“Shortee’s lessons & practice drills have helped me level up my scratch game tremendously

She always gives a really clear breakdown, and excellent tips on how to best optimize your technique including the nuances of things like body positioning, hand placement, and arm tension. 

Those small ergonomic differences have made a huge difference in my scratch accuracy and efficiency

I like that I can always go back to the same drills if I need more practice on a particular technique and I can increase the speed when I need to challenge myself further

They also help me to practice more on my non-dominant side, and as a result, my scratch ambidexterity has significantly improved.

Since I’ve upleveled my skills with Shortee’s drills, more people in the industry have started to recognize my potential

Ever since I started training with Shortee, I’m pleasantly surprised at the encouragement and enthusiasm I’ve received from the DJ community. 

I feel validated and accepted by this community that I’ve always wanted to join.


“I wasn’t expecting to level up my scratching so quickly! 

Thanks to Shortee’s lessons and drills, I’ve gained more insight into my approach to scratching and how to make the most of my personal practice sessions.

Her scratch drills have helped me to refine my techniques and I now have SO much more confidence when scratching during my live DJ sets. Thank you Shortee! You’re amazing!

@Sophenom |


Master 110 Forward Stab rhythms with the crossfader in as little as 5+ mins a day!

Forward Stab Scratch Lesson (Value: $67) 

Forward Stab Scratch Cheat Sheets (Value: $17)

Stab 1-Bar Level Trainer Mimic Drills (Value: $297)

Stab 1-Bar Workout Mimic Drills (Value: $202)

Stab 1-Bar Mega Session Mimic Drill (Value: $197)

Stab 2-Bar Workout Mimic Drill (Value: $47)

Stab 4-Bar Freestyle Workout (Value: $27)

Ultimate 8-Bar Freestyle Flex (Value: $47)

Audio Accelerator Training Drills (Value: $210)

 Fast-Track Formula Trainings (Value: $37)

 Scratch Practice Tracker & Lesson (Value: $27)

 Start From Scratch Mini Course (Value: $97)

 Scratch DJ Toolkit Samples & Beats (Value: $27)

 BONUS: Get In Gear Resource Course (Value: $97)

BONUS: Equipment Essentials Guide (Value: $27)

BONUS: Serato For Scratch DJs (Value: $27)


Total Value = $1450

Regular Price = $297  


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  • 1xSupreme Stabs$97

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“Shortee helped me bring my scratch skills to another level! 

She's is the G.O.A.T.!”


“Whenever I feel stuck, I just start with Shortee’s scratch drills to help me loosen up & I start to flow!

I feel reinvigorated to scratch again & my scratches get better!


I have scratch skills now!

I’m on a long journey to becoming a scratch DJ but I’m definitely more confident about using scratch techniques in my mix than I ever would have been before learning from Shortee.

I feel a lot more confident in my skills!


”I didn’t know anything about scratching before taking Shortee’s class. 

She breaks the movements down into simple steps and creates worksheets for you that are really helpful to visualize the scratches.

I was so inspired by her class that I purchased my own set of turntables!


”DJ Shortee has the skills.

She’s got the kind of skills that would make anyone in the room stop what they’re doing to look up and see her tearing it down on the tables which is amazing.

But what’s even better is that she’s willing to pass her knowledge on to those who need it. And this will forever make her a legend on top of all of her accomplishments.”


”Shortee is both a badass artist and a gifted instructor, which is a rare combination of skills

Her teaching style is clear and engaging, and her lessons are comprehensive and meticulously planned.

On top of that, Shortee is fun, positive, and encouraging: if you’re her student, then she’s your biggest cheerleader. 

It’s no surprise that Shortee propels her students to success, and I count myself lucky to have been one of them.


DJ Shortee’s practice drills are awesome! 

As someone who has difficulty making the time to practice, they’re a great way to ensure I get some solid work in to help hone my skills.

Shortee is an amazing teacher. She has an ability to teach scratching in a way that makes sense to even the most musically challenged people.”

@DJKeelez |

Shortee is one of a kind — she’s paved the way.

Her skill and love for teaching are both extraordinary and her ability to explain the art of scratching & DJing is absolutely inspiring

Whether she’s teaching, rocking a crowd, or scratching, you’ll never get anything less than perfect.