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Supercharge your scratch practice with BIONIC BEATS for only $17! ($37 Save $20!)
Get 18 dope instrumental beats that come pre-looped to power your scratch practice & keep you inspired for hours. 

Why settle for typical boring loopers when you could be rockin' your cuts to Bionic Beats with a variety of rhythms and tempos featuring entertaining 8-32 bar progressions. 

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“Shortee's beat matching course was a huge help for me in developing this fundamental DJ skill. 

She teaches you how to do this entirely by ear, without having to hope that your software got it right. Learn how to beat match Shortee's way and you will never be caught off guard during a set. I highly recommend it! 

Shortee's online courses were my gateway into DJing. I really didn't know anything before I took those courses, and Shortee's approach was so well thought out that I was getting up to speed in no time at all

I really appreciate how each lesson was short enough that you could follow it and jump straight into practicing right away. Overall her courses were the absolute foundation of everything that I am doing now as a DJ."

@HarrisonRipps |

“I am a better DJ, hands down. 

I was completely digital and had limited knowledge when it came to DJing on vinyl & I really wanted to learn how to spin on turntables.

Shortee showed me the best equipment to purchase within my budget and how to set everything up. I have now mastered how to use it all which has increased my value as a DJ significantly. 

Shortee is an amazing teacher. She has the ability to teach DJing in a way that makes sense to even the most musically challenged people. Shortee really made me fall in love with my work again. My skill and confidence level as a DJ has increased tremendously. 

The knowledge I have gained has enhanced my career in ways I would have never imagined. Her courses are worth every penny and then some. Your value as a DJ will increase so much, the lessons will pay for themselves.”

@DJKeelez |

“Shortee is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from.

She chunks concepts into understandable learning blocks and creates a learning environment where you truly believe that you’re capable of success."



Master the art of beat matching by ear so you can DJ without fear on ANY DJ gear!

We Got the Beat Theory Lessons (Value: $47)

Drop It Like It’s Hot : Turntable (Value: $97)

Drop It Like It’s Hot : CDJ (Value: $97)

Drop It Like It’s Hot : Controller (Value: $97)

Intro to Manual Beat Matching (Value: $27)

Beat Match Basics : Turntable (Value: $97)

Beat Match Basics : CDJ (Value: $97)

Beat Match Basics : Controller (Value: $97)

Beat Match Blueprint : Turntable (Value: $37)

Beat Match Blueprint : CDJ (Value: $37)

Beat Match Blueprint : Controller (Value: $37)

 Beat Match Motivation (Value: $5)

  BONUS: Music Theory Cheat Sheets (Value: $27)

BONUS: In Sync Mini Course (Value: $67) 

BONUS: Get In Gear Resource Course (Value: $97)

 BONUS: Equipment Essentials Guide (Value: $27)

BONUS: Scratch DJ Toolkit (Value: $17)

BONUS: Serato Scratch DJ Mini Course (Value: $67)


Total Value = $1054

Regular Price = $297  


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  • 1xBeat Match Like A Boss$97

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Believe me, I’ve tried it all - I did the YouTube thing, I’ve done other online courses…

Shortee’s lessons & courses are the fastest way you’re going to get better at DJing.”

@BabyVanBeezly |

Shortee is an uplifting mentor and phenomenal educator.

She gave me the tools, confidence, and inspiration to pursue my passion by teaching me how to beat match, beat juggle, scratch, and read a crowd.

Since I began working with Shortee, I‘ve created mixes of all genres, played corporate events, rocked residencies, and DJed in clubs all over the US.”


Shortee is one of the most talented and educated DJs in the industry.

You can tell immediately upon meeting her that she was born to teach. I would recommend Shortee to anyone, regardless of skill level. She’s the best!”

@DJBrynnTaylor |

“Thanks to Shortee’s lessons I’ve been able to step up my game and work on projects beyond my wildest dreams!

Shortee provides you with the practice tools to be successful and encourages you to continually show up for yourself. 

She’ll help you achieve your goals and even achieve your goals beyond the goals!”

@DJ.Soulfire |

“Shortee taught me so much and in detail. She was one of my very first instructors and I can definitely say I was taught by the best.

She’s very honest, encouraging and fun to learn from. She’s had an extremely positive and empowering influence on me as a DJ, musician and as a woman in the DJ world too!"